From home owners to commercial and retails businesses large and small.

All types of Building and Home Automation

Here at Baker Stone Systems we pride ourselves on having a diverse skill set that helps us to talk to an equally diverse range of clients and both understand and talk the same language.  Whether your a home owner just starting to look into your first home automation project or a professional developer or architect looking into your next project, we are here to help and ready to talk your language.

Home Owners

We hear from a wide range of home owners both young and old with an equally diverse range of projects. Some people contact us to try and rectify a poorly designed or neglected system that needs to be revamped. If this sounds like you then we have an experienced team that are ready to help and discuss your requirements.


If your a business looking for a bespoke system to efficiently manage your building, offices, work area or other space, then you’ve come to the right place. Equally we deal with automating single rooms whether it’s a board room, meeting room, reception or other part of the building. It you need “Technical Know How” then we have the expertise to either put you on the right track or offer a complete solution.


Are Audio/Video and Lighting skills are often called upon by our retail clients. We have often had to deal with the short time scales, unsociable hours and budget constraints often demanded from this industry sector. If you need a solution for your next retail project then be sure to call us, we are always ready to talk.


We are used to dealing direct with Architects and helping them to realise their vision and in some cases even improve this by keeping up to date with the latest technologies, which are constantly changing. If you are just about to embark on a new project or need help to get back on track with an existing one then we are just a call away and really feel that we can offer invaluable advice and expertise.


We’ve helped many a property developer in both Consultancy and Implementation roles and often steer them through the jungle of technologies that can otherwise be frustrating and time consuming to understand. One of the key advantages clients have come to appreciate, is helping them to maximise their profits on new builds by making effective use of their often quite varied budget.


As we fully project manage many of the projects we work on , it’s second nature for us to deal with a wide spectrum of different trades, with builders being no exception. They too have come to appreciate the¬†experience we have in our field and in seeing through jobs to their end, often where other companies have failed or under-delivered.

If this sounds like a scenario you’re familiar with, why not give us a call today and we’ll look forward to discussing your situation.

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