As all our lives get busier, it is vital to be as efficient as possible, both in the home and workplace.

Andy Baker, as the most senior of the two company Directors in age, has worked on home automation systems since their conception and has witnessed the sector grow into the booming industry it is today. George Stone has grown up with automation and his enthusiasm for its continuing advancements shines through.

Andy and George have a hand-picked range of suppliers who are at the forefront of their industry, both in technological advancements and quality of their equipment. There are no half measures. The systems they design and install are, their clients tell us, simply the best.

Both Andy and George pride themselves on their relationships with their clients. They know that it is vital to understand each client’s lifestyle and preferences so that the system they install works seamlessly in achieving the predetermined aims. Customer service, before, during and after the installation is given paramount importance.

As with their suppliers, the nationwide Baker Stone installation teams are also hand-picked. Andy and George project manage each installation personally, working with the installation teams at each stage.

If you are looking for a truly bespoke system, designed for you, then give Baker Stone a call. Watch Andy and George turn your vision into your reality right in front of your eyes.