About Us


Bespoke solutions that put you in control

Baker Stone Systems understands that technology should work for you – freeing your time and making life simpler.

Our contemporary home automation and smart building solutions give you easy, real time control of your personal and working space. With a complete bespoke design, installation and support service we utilise top of the range technology from leading brands to meet your integration needs. Each installation is unique and tailored to the exact requirements of your residential or commercial space.

From intelligent systems which anticipate your lifestyle and control the environment based on your usual routines, to the ability to receive alerts and manage your home or office space remotely via an ordinary tablet or smartphone, home automation and smart building systems make your life simpler and easier.

Baker Stone Systems also offers the latest in integrated entertainment technology, including outstanding multi room audio and home cinema systems – enabling you to relax and enjoy the very best in picture and sound quality anywhere in your house.

Relax, and let Baker Stone systems smart home automation solutions simplify your life today.