Music in the highest fidelity when and wherever you want it and all centrally managed with the touch of a button.

We install A/V systems both big and small and can fully integrate these for access from your Smart phone or Tablet. If you have guests that bring audio and video with them, these can be seamlessly streamed to your TV or HiFi system without any wires.

Whether your looking for music while you swim or make the dinner or perhaps just selecting the right atmosphere for visitors to your shop, we can find a solution to fit your project needs. The same applies to video where one size does not fit all.

Central Music Collection

Bring all your music together from multiple sources.

Centralise your video collection

Centralise those precious movies for uninterrupted access.

Synchronise your music

Synchronise your music in every room, inside or outside.

4K Ultra HD Movies

Watch your movies in the highest definition sound and video format