From intelligent building alarms to the latest fully integrated IP surveillance and access systems.

Security alarms and CCTV systems have been around for a long time but things have moved on significantly, now we’re in the digital age. As our world becomes more connected and more and more devices are being hooked up to the “Internet of Things” the more we can control and security systems can take advantage of this.

Here at Baker Stone Systems we don’t implement technology for technology sake but do know how to find the right balance and build a truly powerful and useful system.

High definition Cameras

Say goodbye to grainy video footage, with the latest Day/Night IP cameras.

Sleep Easy

Your system knows when your home and intelligently protects your home or business.

Remote Access

Control access to your property regardless of where you’re located.

Occupancy Simulation

The more automated your home, the more realistic the simulation and from outside nobody ever need know you’re away.