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Baker Stone Recommends … Amina Mobius and Edge

Baker Stone Recommends …

Amina Mobius and Edge

In-Wall Speakers That Solve an Age-Old Problem
Company: Amina
Models: Mobius and Edge
Tech: Invisible speakers

Amina may have solved a problem that audiophiles have been facing since the ‘50s. Their implementation of invisible, in-wall speaker technology with sober discretion and ultra-high definition may be the answer to music lovers’ prayers.

Any Spinal Tap fan will tell you that in the world of speakers, bigger is better, and if they can go to 11, better still. You can tweak signals and electromagnetic dampers all you want, but if you’re searching for a deep and full sound, size matters. While stacks of monolithic woofers and tweeters may look good in a club or concert hall though, they can really ruin the oeuvre of a lounge or dining room.

The silent revolution

Until recently, lovers of high-quality (and loud) sound had to pick between domestic bliss and sonic euphoria. Then, the invisible speaker was invented - A revolution, albeit one that was slow to foment. Early incarnations lacked fidelity and reliability and few invisible speakers ever felt like they could really ‘turn it up to 11’ with a full-throated roar. Until now, that is.

So, what does Amina do differently?

First and foremost – and we’re sure our audiophile audience is with me here – they went big while maintaining the audio quality. They’ve been building 2-metre-plus invisible speakers for over twenty years. Today, you can specify your own super-large speakers to fit any space inconspicuously, with audio fidelity maintained throughout.

Unlike the early incarnations of invisible speakers, Amina’s modern Mobius and Edge options don’t lose fidelity as they are adapted to different locations. Indeed, the company deploys an impressively advanced specification service to ensure this is always so.

The speakers’ range is good too, handling thundering tenor and soaring soprano, phat bass and ringing guitar solos with no sweat. Number-wise, the frequency range runs from from a stomach-unsettling 50Hz to an ultrasonic 32KHz on some models.

Sound that feels big

More impressive than all this - Amina’s large speakers actually feel like large speakers with big (!) sound. Both the Mobius and Edge ranges go up to 150W at around 87db. That’s a lot of noise, equivalent to a loud concert or passing train. A level requiring employees to wear ear defenders if exposed in the workplace.

Ear-busting volume is all very well – these speakers most certainly do ‘turn up to 11’ – But the real test of a big speaker, and especially a thin, invisible one, is to transmit deep and full-sounding low notes with no loss of fidelity. Amina does this with aplomb. Lovers of phat bass solos and full-throated Elgar marches alike will not be disappointed, so crack out Californication, put on Pomp and Circumstance and get ready to be impressed.

The science behind the sound

Traditional speakers consist of a cone being vibrated backward and forward in a piston motion by a magnet. This has been done with increasing ease for around 100 years. However, this type of movement doesn’t work for flat speakers. Instead, the movement of these large surfaces must be distributed across their whole area carefully, while accounting for sound and signal speed. That’s done via. modal energy fidelity for anyone who wants to impress at the dinner table.

While the movement of traditional speakers is focused around the magnet, resonating outward, this doesn’t work for flat speakers

Put simply – Tuning these large surfaces to vibrate just right across their entire area at exactly the right time is really difficult. This means that making big, invisible speakers requires a lot of expertise and specifying them in a bespoke way requires some impressive adaptable execution. This is what Amina really excels at.

Our take

As far as we’re concerned at Baker Stone, this expert bespoke specification makes Amina’s speakers a great option in an area where flexibility can be hard to achieve. This works for us because we, as premium technology integrators, often find ourselves being asked to make our client’s wildest dreams come true. If they want a Glastonbury-sized speaker installing in their front hall or an ultra-HD setup in their jacuzzi, we can usually turn to Amina. Yes – they do install water resistant speakers.

We know they can generally fit the bill and we are confident that the final result will satisfy the client, whether they’re listening to Land of Hope and Glory or By the Way.

For customers

Amina’s speakers can be adapted to fit invisibly anywhere with their thin profile. Their sonic expertise and well-worked adaptability mean that the end product always sounds good with high fidelity and a full sound at all ranges. A strong contender for anyone who likes to have their Meat Loaf and eat it too.