Creating Effortless Harmony

Intelligent design is what makes Baker Stone home systems truly smart

The main benefit of our smart home systems is their ability to work in sync, making life easier and more enjoyable for you and your family.

The different technologies we offer are impressive on their own. But you’ll get the most out of them when they work together to limit your efforts and worries and maximise your relaxation and enjoyment.

Effortless harmony means your smart home

Responds to your mood
Knows what you like
Keeps to your schedule
Fulfils wants and needs effortlessly

Effortless harmony means …

  • … getting up in the morning to natural sunlight and the perfect temperature as your blinds open to wake you up to a warm house … no more cold morning dashes.

  • … family dinners, movie nights, parties, meetings, exercise sessions and a hundred more experiences ready at your command with perfect lighting, heating, entertainment and more.

  • … a home that keeps your family and possessions safe with smart sensors, controlled entry, day and night cameras and an intelligent security hub … no more dogs or leaves setting off alarms either.

  • … going to bed at night knowing your curtains are shut, security is on and lights and heating are off without having to raise a finger.

  • … relaxing on holiday knowing your home is secure with cameras and occupancy simulation … letting the pet sitter in from the beach and checking the cat is OK from the poolside.

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Cinema and

Enjoy cutting-edge multi-source entertainment throughout your home.
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Keep your family home safe and secure with state-of-the-art smart security systems
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Easily pick, save and recreate a bespoke lighting setup for every different mood and event.
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Heating and Air Conditioning

Maintain the ideal environment in every room, whatever the weather.
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Support and Maintenance

Use your smart home with complete peace of mind, with our comprehensive support solutions.

We specialise in Savant, Lutron and KNX systems.

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Curtain and Blind Automation

Let the sunlight in and maintain your privacy with effortless, simple controls and no reaching.
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