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Maintaining your Lutron Smart Home

Rescue and maintain your Lutron smart home systems with Baker Stone

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If your Lutron smart home isn’t meeting your high expectations, let us turn it around to deliver the bespoke experience you expect.

Our home automation experts can diagnose problems, repair poor installs and ensure your home supports your lifestyle positively via a free, no-obligation smart home support survey.

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Smart home support and maintenance includes:

Fault finding and diagnostics
System documentation creation
Reprogramming and scene setting
Faulty parts replacement
Control simplification and centralisation
User-oriented development, to make your smart home work for you

Lutron systems we support

We support the full range of Lutron systems and products, including:
All Lutron home automation devices
Lutron HomeWorks and QS
Lutron Sivoia
Lutron lighting systems
Lutron smart blinds
Lutron home assistant
Lutron Athena
Lutron Grafik Eye system
Lutron Ecosystem
Lutron Caseta
Lutron Triathlon
This list is not exhaustive. We support all Lutron products and most other major brands.

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Supporting superior smart homes for harmonious home lives

Fast, effective fixes with minimal disruption whenever there’s a problem.
Seamless support by leading smart home systems and Lutron electronics experts.
We continually support and develop your smart home to meet your desires.

Baker Stone support your Lutron systems and make everything easier.

Understanding of your lifestyle and goals for your smart home allows us to ensure your home delivers maximum value for you.

Book a free survey below to plan your support.

Book your free smart home support survey

Plan your simpler, more effective smart home experience and get your home automation issues diagnosed by our systems support experts on site, for free.

We’ll plan your support and show you the difference it will make.

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