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Create a new smart home, rescue home automation systems or get support to ensure smart home systems deliver the best experience.
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Satisfying a Demanding Generation
Company: Pulse-Eight
Models: Neo – Video solutions. Pro Audio – Audio systems
Tech: Audio visual control systems


  • Able to meet demanding requirements.
  • Designed to make complex installs easier (or at least possible) for AV pros
  • Reliable feedback enables effective remote management and repair


  • Not for home installers or amateurs.20

Satisfying a Demanding Generation

“The youth of today” have suffered being called many things. Lazy, entitled and demanding are just a few of them.  

A particularly telling quote is “The children now love luxury … and chatter in place of exercise.” However, to figure out whether it tells one more about the children of today or the adults of yesteryear, you would have to ask Socrates, who originally said it.

Semantics aside, it’s fair to say that younger generations of today (and many of the older ones, too) are demanding in one area at least – that of audio-visual entertainment. We want a dozen different media piped from a bundle of different sources to a load of different screens of different sizes, on demand.

Audio Visual Control

Speaking in numbers alone doesn’t fully convey the complexity that can be involved in wiring up the audio visuals of a large smart home. Suffice it to say that it is hard. Without the right tech it can be messy and slow at best, and impossible at worst.

Pulse-Eight’s tech is the right tech. Those of you outside the fields of electronics, appliances and household wiring probably won’t have heard of Pulse-Eight. That’s because, unlike your Panasonics and your Bang and Olufsens, they don’t deal with your big, showy end points. What they do deal in is making the messy, awkward and changeable middle bit clean, artful and reliable. Notice we don’t say simple. Although they do simplify the complex, Pulse-Eight are primarily there to provide tools to handle the kind of installs that can never be called simple. This is equipment to allow professionals with serious skills to satisfy clients with serious demands … and we use them, too.

Three Important Differences

There are a fair few companies that do what Pulse-Eight do – offering smart-compatible audio-visual control, relay and manipulation tools. Many of these can offer the same array of products with the same at-a-glance specifications. As far as we are concerned, there are three unique service points that set Pulse-Eight above the competition.

Difference 1: Elegant design

The tools that Pulse-Eight makes aren’t just specified to do the job. They’re designed to do it in a way that is professional, discreet and smart-friendly.

Difference 2: Intelligent solutions to professional challenges

The people behind Pulse-Eight listen to the problems of customers like us, as well as audio-visual installers, electricians and all other professionals who use their products. Then they build the solutions to those problems. That’s why they produce things like context-sensitive remotes that actually work and audio matrices with so many inputs, outputs and triggers that it’s impossible to come up short, unless you’re wiring Wembley Stadium.

Difference 3: Reliable remote feedback

When it comes to complex audio-visual installs, reliable remote feedback and analysis is what separates the women and men from the boys and girls. Pulse-Eight’s products enable you to create a system that not only provides reliable multi-point, multi-stream transmission and smart or human control. They also provide reliable feedback and analysis to multiple points on and off site. What this means is that systems consisting of Pulse-Eight parts are easy to diagnose and fix remotely.

So … when the AV systems we install and manage suffer a problem, and all the best do, we can more often diagnose and fix the problem quickly while sat in our office with a cup of tea and a short commute. This leaves the customer impressed, our families happy and us frankly loving our extra luxury and chatter in place of exercise (Sorry Socrates). Remote repair is truly the technician’s golden ideal.

Our Take

For us, Pulse-Eight’s intelligent approach to solving the problems of professionals like us is what sells their tech. Let’s face it – we all love having people dedicated to our needs.

The only thing we love more than this, and we know other tech installers of all types are with us here, is a remote fix. Pulse-Eight makes these more realistic and reliable in more situations, so for that we raise our office teacups to them.