Create a new smart home, rescue home automation systems or get support to ensure smart home systems deliver the best experience.
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Create a new smart home, rescue home automation systems or get support to ensure smart home systems deliver the best experience.
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December 16, 2022

Simplicity and Synergy - Why smart homes should be like the bridge of the Enterprise


Why should smart homes be like the bridge of the Enterprise?

No; it's not because we're Star Trek obsessives. It's not even because there's a clever computer that the characters talk to in order to get things done, as there are in smart homes... Well, maybe that's part of the reason.

It's because when Captains Kirk or Picard ask for something to be done, it gets done. When they need information, it's given to them.

There's a reason why there are no complicated banks of controls around Picard's captain's chair (Kirk had a small one, but he was never the Captain that Picard was, anyway). That's because he's there to see what's happening, make a decision and get the result that he wants. He has enough stress to deal with, without the addition of awkward controls to irritate him. This is the aim of a smart home.

The busy officers beaver away around him with the support of the ship's computer and their many flashy, intriguing screens. Meanwhile, Picard never needs to fiddle or worry about what bit of information is going where. He gets the information that he needs, states what needs to happen, and it happens. 

Baker Stone is here to put you in that captain's chair, or to put your family in that weird sitting-room arrangement that occupies the middle of the Enterprise's bridge, like the senior officers. Think of us as your crew, working with the complex computers and making everything flow smoothly for you. Yes, this extended metaphor is in danger, so we're going to refocus on the core issues here ...

Simplicity and Synergy in Smart Homes

A good smart home consists of many systems working together seamlessly without you even having to think about it. The outcome is to take away stress and unnecessary tasks so you can effectively blow up the Klingons and jump to warp 7 - sorry - relax and enjoy your free time. After all, what you and a ship's captain have in common is the desire to make the best use of your time, whether you're relaxing or star-trekking across the universe. 

How this happens

This efficiency comes about as the result of a planned process with several stages. 


Working with other professionals on the project, we break down how you live, how you wish to live and how your space works around you. We consider what's important and valuable to you, in terms of your time and living space, in order to create something that makes your life more pleasurable. We also consider the reverse - What jobs waste your time, what obstacles block your space and flow?


Based on the information above, we create a system to maximise your quality time with your family and make the most of your space, while minimising the reverse. We create something that fits around and into your life to make it simpler. The best-designed smart home systems are the ones you barely notice. 

Planning for the future

Some smart homes are installed all in one. Some are built up in modules. Either way, a plan needs to be made to keep the whole thing functioning as a harmonious unit as it develops. While modular smart homes need to adapt to new additions, homes installed as one need to update and evolve to incorporate new technology to improve the owner’s life further. This all requires planning to maintain the simple synergy as adaptations happen.


Once the system is designed and planned, it can be installed in such a way that you hardly notice the tech, just its effects. Professional installation is important to ensure your systems function effectively within the space while not altering your home's look or feel negatively.

Maintenance and management

The best smart home systems are managed. While some cheaper systems purport to offer DIY install-and-go functionality, they rarely have the desired effect, and often end up making the owner’s life more complex and disharmonious. Smart home management companies like us handle updates, bugs, fixes, and much more.

Find out more about the whole of this process, and how we undertake it for you on our design and installation page.

The Outcome

The result of all this careful pursuit of simplicity and synergy is that the good parts of your home life are easier to enjoy fully. Meanwhile, many of the jobs, irritations and problems are handled by an efficient and automatic computer system.

If this sounds like a route you may want to boldly go down, book a survey meeting with us below to discuss your needs ... Engage!

Disclaimer: Any opinions on the best captain of the Enterprise are the author’s alone and do not reflect those of the company as a whole. We cannot be held responsible for any insult to fans of the original series or of the Next Generation.