Whether to simulate presence, keep or let in the warmth, we have a solution to suit your project.

Your Curtains and Blinds can be tied into your home or business automation system to offer an extra level of customisations that will make your system even more powerful. There are some major benefits all-round but probably one of the most practical is in a security context. While your alarm and camera can guard your property, the added benefit of tying these devices into the system will help to enhance occupancy simulation, and drastically reduce the chances of crime in the first place.

To discuss this and the other benefits we have not mentioned here why not give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your plans or requirements.


You can now wake to natural rather than artificial light while still in the comfort of your bed.


Remotely open or close the blinds to your property or business regardless of your location.


You no longer need to worry whether you’ve drawn the curtains at night. They can also intelligently maximise any energy benefits from the Sun with scheduling and sensors.


Your curtains or blinds can be programmed to synchronise with lighting scenes or your home cinema all at the touch of a single button.