Your Smart Home Experience

Creating a smart home doesn’t just mean improving your home.

It means enhancing your life …

  • … by enabling more rewarding leisure time with the best in entertainment everywhere in your home.

  • … by letting your home take a hundred chores and sources of anxiety off your mind.

  • … by automating droll, everyday tasks and making the extra time your time.

  • … by creating the perfect ambience everywhere for every occasion, always.

Welcome to your Baker Stone smart home

A taste of what’s to come

A day in the life of a smart homeowner

Good morning

Wake up to refreshing natural light as the blinds open, stirring to that cool, fresh morning air your air conditioning system knows you enjoy.

The rest of your home is warmed ready for you to shower and eat, showing you the news or playing a little music as you do. Don’t worry about having your hands full, your programme will jump to the dining room on command.

Off to work

Ding dong. Answer the door remotely if you like. Say hello through the TV or your mobile and let your friend in for coffee from your seat.

And when you leave, lock up and set the smart security system with the touch of a button. Don’t worry if you forget. Your house can remind you or even take it in hand when it knows no one’s in.

While you were out …

No need to spare a thought. Everything is protected with notifications if anything untoward happens.

Smart monitoring means you won’t be disturbed by the dogs moving, but you will be safe and able to check on pets and possessions via remote camera viewing.

Delivery? You can answer the door remotely and let them drop it in the porch.

Post-work rest and recuperation

Enjoy your smartly irrigated garden, then dim the lights and shut the blinds for the ultimate cinematic movie night. Otherwise, let everyone pick their entertainment from any source in their own rooms, along with matching lighting and their preferred temperature.

Multi-source, multi-screen entertainment means you never have to move anything or mess with cables.

Or maybe an evening out?

Pop out for a drink or a bite and say goodnight to kids or partners back at home on any screen from your phone. Your house can even find them for you.

Whether you choose to check in or not, you know they’re safe and happy thanks to your smart systems

Make this your reality

Book a free, no-obligation smart home survey today to make this a reality.

Our experts will visit your home and plan the best smart home solutions for you and your needs.