Create a new smart home, rescue home automation systems or get support to ensure smart home systems deliver the best experience.
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Create a new smart home, rescue home automation systems or get support to ensure smart home systems deliver the best experience.
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Baker Stone Recommends …

Lutron Homeworks QS


If you are looking to create a truly beautiful smart home with amazing aesthetic experiences, Lutron Homeworks QS is the way to do it. 

When it comes to automating your home and creating a smart home control system, there are a variety of options, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Lutron Homeworks QS is a complete home automation solution for control of light, heating and associated aesthetics in premium smart homes. More than any other system, Lutron’s strength is in its ability to create an amazing, automatic aesthetic within your smart home.

Even more than that, it can create a positive environment by synchronising lighting, heating, air conditioning, audio-visual systems and more. It can do all these things like none of its competitor systems can and, in addition, it comes with a massive range of unique lighting options that are exclusive to this company, the one-time inventors of the dimmer. These are the reasons why Baker Stone has used Lutron for a number of its recent projects and why we specialise in repairing and upgrading the systems.

Smart lighting and more

Lutron are a smart lighting company above all else. But they are more than this ...

Lutron’s specialities

  1. Smart lighting – Including blinds
  2. Smart environment – Including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  3. Smart aesthetics – Including audio-visual

These are the functions we would recommend Lutron for above all else. If you want a home that looks beautiful and feels like a relaxing, enjoyable place to spend time, then Lutron may well be the system for you. We are Lutron specialists, so feel free to book a meeting with us to discuss your plans, no strings attached.

An energy-efficient environment

When we talk about a smart approach to the environment with Lutron, we’re not just talking about creating a nice place to live in your home. Lutron has long focused on helping its customers cut down on their energy use through dimmer switches, sensors and smart systems. Lutron systems are a great choice for energy efficiency for the environment and cost savings alike. They offer a range of different benefits in this area, some of which we bet you have never thought of. Take a look at Lutron’s Top 10 Energy Benefits of Light Control to fill yourself in.

A hierarchy of energy-efficiency

Even at the highest lighting setting, a dimmer saves 4-9% of electricity. Used with an average amount of care and dimming, this rises to around 20%. With the addition of occupancy sensors, the amount of energy you save can shoot up to around 60%. That’s an incredible amount when you consider that lighting can account for as much as one-tenth of the average person’s electrical energy usage.

Add to that Lutron’s energy-efficient shading solutions and extensive recycling programme, and you have an extremely efficient set of offerings. This is just one of the reasons why we recommend the company.

Light bulb moments

Since Joel Spira launched Lutron with the first solid-state dimmer in 1961, the company has been a haven of scientific and artistic creation. Lutron has over 2000 patents worldwide for its innovative and effective solutions to lighting, dimming and shading challenges. However, it also offers a range of breathtakingly attractive lighting fittings, blinds and other components.

While many companies specialise in either functional or aesthetic, scientific or creative solutions, few excel as Lutron does on both sides of these fences. From a user and integrator’s perspective, this gives you a selection of attractive choices that fit in with your project, that you know you can rely upon now and in future. The company is so confident in this that it offers an 8-year warranty with its HomeWorks QS system.

Our confidence …

We are confident that we can create a Lutron HomeWorks QS system that fits the aesthetic of any home perfectly and stunningly. There are two reasons for this confidence. First, we have been specialising in Lutron smart lighting installations and automations for well over a decade now. We know the Lutron ecosystem like the back of our hands and we can optimise it to achieve almost any effect and objective.

More than that though, the Lutron HomeWorks range is wide and flexible, full of exciting and innovative fittings for lighting, blinds, control and more. In addition to the gorgeous core range that can be seen in the brochure, there are yet more light and blind fittings made by Lutron Partners. Together, these allow for such a variety of looks and functionalities that almost anything seems possible with Lutron.  

If you like what you have seen here and want to create a similarly breathtaking aesthetic in your home, book a free design call with us for a chat about our Lutron offerings. No strings attached.