Create a new smart home, rescue home automation systems or get support to ensure smart home systems deliver the best experience.
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Create a new smart home, rescue home automation systems or get support to ensure smart home systems deliver the best experience.
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May 16, 2024
Smart and Independent Living for Elderly and Disabled People

What if we said smart technology can  make the deepest and most closely held dreams of many in society come true? It can help the elderly among us realise the […]

March 20, 2024
What is Smart Home Technology?

We talk an awful lot about smart homes, home automation and smart technology here at Baker Stone. We ought to, we’re smart home integrators and managers, so it’s kind of […]

February 22, 2024
The Environmental and Sustainability Benefits of a 'Fine' Smart Home

Henry David Thoreau asked, “What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on.” As an environmental transcendentalist in 19th-century America, he […]

February 1, 2024
Why and How to Design Houses Around Smart Home Integration

A good house builder or housing developer follows the trends in home design and construction. A great builder or developer leads by predicting the trends before they happen. One such […]

January 26, 2024
Smart Homes and Society

“No man is an island entire of itself: Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”. So goes John Donne’s well-known saying about society and […]

December 19, 2023
Gude Systems Audiovisual Power Distribution and Management

We said home cinemas were the Hollywood superstars of the home automation industry in another Baker Stone blog. Well, like all true superstars, home cinemas need a reliable entourage of […]

December 16, 2023
16 Film and TV Predictions About Smart Home Technology That Were Bang-On

Christmas is a time for the old to be reminded of their joyful yesterdays, for the young to look forward to exciting tomorrows and for everyone to enjoy today. It’s […]

November 27, 2023
Smart Homelives Worldwide

As home automation and smart home technologies change the world’s homelives for the better, they mix differently with the lifestyles and traditions of different countries and cultures. We are  looking […]

October 31, 2023
Smart Thermostats and Why You Should Have One

Smart thermostats are probably one of the most well-known and widely owned pieces of smart home technology after smart meters and smart speakers. While smart speakers are incredibly useful and […]

September 19, 2023
Smart Gardening Today

For many of us, a garden is as much a part of our home as a living room or bedroom. It’s not surprising then that smart systems have expanded beyond […]

August 7, 2023
The Future for Artificial Intelligence in Smart Homes

Artificial intelligence has been very much on trend this year. In fact, Google recorded an increase in searches for the term ‘artificial intelligence’ of more than 300% between January and […]

June 9, 2023
Smart Spotlight: Smart Lighting Systems

Effortless style is a cliché that gets bandied around a lot, but smart lighting systems really deserve that moniker. They add a whole new facet of style to your home […]